Netkin is a leader partner in digital solutions for events.
We offer powerful solutions built day by day with our customers.
We are composed of a team of experts in event logistics and interactivity on site.

Netkin is :

A fusion between event organization and digital expertise
People often say we go well together!
Over 1000 registration
and 598672 cups of coffee!
Expert project managers in the logistical and digital aspects of event organization
CSI Experts in Paris
season 6!
8 years of experience
and still kicking!
A team of testers who guaranty the quality and viability of the
we offer
They only sleep 1hour a night!
An address in the heart of Paris
Surrounded with all types of facilities
Experienced developers trained on the latest technologies
They are working on a solar rocket right now
Our artists 2.0
An easy number to call us free of charge:
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You’ll hear our smile!

Our offers

We can offer to digitalize your event through 3 media:


Registration platform (before the event)

A website provided with an administration interface allowing the entire management of the participants’ registrations
  • Complete customization of your website's design
  • Smartphone and tablet compatible website (responsive design)
  • Module for managing your content, configurable registration form
  • Management of workshops, accommodation and transport
  • Emailing module: send emailing (invitation, reminder, etc.)
  • Additional modules: roommate, carpooling ...
  • Fluid and intuitive administration interface
  • Training in autonomy for administrators
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Sign-off application (when participants arrive)
The digitalization of participants’ confirmed arrival for your event
  • Intuitive search, fast scan and participant creation
  • Offline operation of the application
  • Implementation and management in complete autonomy
  • Notification of participants’ arrival by SMS or / and email, welcome SMS or / and welcome email
  • Instant A4 badge or business card printing
  • Rental of a registration kit (tablets, printers, 4G keys) or the use of your own equipment
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Interactivity application (during the event)
A companion, a social network and a collaborative tool for your participants

  • Available in webapp version or in native application
  • Administration tool, which allows design customization, content integration and the selection of desired features
  • Provision of practical information and agenda for the participant extracted from the registration site
  • Continuous synchronization of data with the registration site
  • Social module: internal messaging (similar to WhatsApp), who'who and social wall (similar to Instagram)
  • Interactivity module: Live voting, tag cloud (keywords), live questions
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To optimize your costs and gain autonomy, the implementation and management of these 3 offers can be done in full autonomy by you, and if necessary, Netkin can take care of it!

These 3 offers can be ordered in a separate way, they benefit from a common participating base.

Need advice on setting up your registration site, your webapp or your on-site reception device?
Our team offers coaching by phone to help you and advise you to best match your needs.

Contact us to learn more about coaching packages.

Why choose us?

A global solution
that allows the digitalization
of your events
An admin portal
made available to you
for autonomous usage
A real logistical expertise
within the field of event organization that tailors
our services to your needs
Field experience
A solid field experience
to control the flow
of participants
Development is always
done by us and
never outsourced
Graphic customization
A total customization
of your website to your image
Fair prices
Fair and adjustable prices
in accordance with your budget
Our project management team
is extremely reactive because your
projects cannot wait!
Data security is
guaranteed through
OVH servers in France

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